Order Resilient Armour Panels

Panel Measurements: 18" x 36" x 5mm
$135 Per Box
1 QTY Equals 1 Box
($5 Per Unit | 5 Panels Per Box)

Bronze Color

Gunmetal Color

Platinum Color

iWhite Color

Resilient Armour Gunmetal color option is perfect for your service drive or aircraft facility. Below are measurements to assist you in the ordering process. Resilient Armour quantities are per box.

Example: If your garage is 20′ by 20′, 89 panels would cover the area, however, we recommend you to buy at least 5% more than the required number of panels to allow for cutting errors and possible future repairs. 5%~ of 89 to the nearest whole number would be 93. The closet box quantity would be 19 (total number of 95 panels based on 5 panels per box).

22.25 SF per box of RA product

5 Panels per box of RA product

Weight (lbs.) per RA panel

Weight (lbs.) per RA box

Boxes per pallet of RA product

Weight (lbs.) per RA pallet